RENOMED Technika Medyczna Marek Ruciński was established in 1981 as a sole proprietorship. In the same year Donata Rucińska designed our unique scissors, which later became our signature product. The company is based in Poznań and employs ten craftmen.

In 2011, Renomed was transformed into a limited liability company. Thanks to almost 35 years of experience in the production of surgical instruments, careful quality control throughout the production process and unique design (own patents and utility models), our products boast the finest quality.

Today, more than 90% of our products are exported to more than 15 countries across the globe. Our key export markets include Switzerland and Germany followed by Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan and the Czech Republic.


Our company was registered as RENOMED – Technika Medyczna Marek Ruciński in Nowy Tomyśl. We manufactured the first prototype patterns of our scissors based on a unique design by Donata Rucińska. They were registered with the Patent Office in Warsaw. In 1981, we worked hard to launch our products onto the market.


We developed new scissor patterns and continued to increase exports – our scissors started to be exported to Sweden, USA, Mexico, Italy and Japan.

  • 1986-1992

    In 1986, we started producing hoof knives; the first patterns were exported to Denmark. Later on, our hoof knives started to be exported to New Zealand, the Republic of South Africa, Germany, USA, Italy and Sweden.

  • 1992-1998

    We acquired a new customer in Switzerland with our exports continuing rapid growth to this day. Our scissors became a world-recognized name in the production of scissors.


We registered our surgical instruments with the Polish Office for Registration of Medical Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products in Warsaw. We started selling our scissors at pharmacies across Poland.


We launched new, exclusive ranges of scissors into the market – GRAY, SILVER and BLACK LINE.

The company’s products were endorsed by a number of awards won during various contests and exhibitions, including the prestigious IF GOLD DESIGN AWARD.

  • 2017

    In 2017 we received the German Design Award established at the initiative of the German Bundestag in 1953 and awarded by the German Design Council.


In 2018 we decided to expand our business activities into fishing industry. We are exhibiting at the Efttex Amsterdam and presenting new scissors models for fly fishing!


Incredible honor for our company. Once again we are awarded with IF Design Award. This time in product packaging category.


We proceed with our expanding activities to enter foreign markets!