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Fishing Braid Cutter Scissors

Fishing Braid Cutter Scissors

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Universal, medium-size scissors which are ideal for carp fishing and braided lines cutting.

The BraidCutter scissors are 11 cm long and have straight blades that are approximately 2 cm long.

Their special blade type, combined with the finest, precise finishing and extraordinary performance, make these scissors a reliable instrument for cutting braids, Dyneema fibre, different threads, kevlar and aramid fibres.

Additional Information

Scissors length

11 cm

Blade length

2 cm

Profile size


Blade shape


Blade type


"Watch this Braid Cutter Shootout!"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Todd Kennedy
Braid Cutters

The Braid cutters exceeded my expectations. They cut braid without any resistance and cleanly. They are the perfect match for any fly tyer who uses Semperfli nanosilk thread as it dulls all other scissors. That is not the case with Braid Cutters. Super happy.

David Crowley
Tough, Dependable, and SHARP!!

Absolutely awesome scissors!! They fit great in hand and are made to perfection! They will cut anything you put in their path, with ease!

Jeff Rowley
Renomed braid cutter

Very impressive! Cuts braid like hot knife through butter!