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Fly Tying Scissors FS10 - Xtra Long Blade

Fly Tying Scissors FS10 - Xtra Long Blade

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Fishing scissors within our Fly Fishing product line and special Xtra Long Blade (XLB) line. These 15 cm long, large-size scissors have straight blades that are approximately 4.5 cm long and feature rounded tip configuration - they are an ideal fly tying tool. Perfect for tying extra large flies, PE foam and fibres. Their proper size and unique blade type, combined with the finest, precise finishing, make them a reliable instrument for fishing and fly fishing.

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15 cm

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2 cm

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Excellent service, arrived on time. Very sharp and perfect cuts on fly tying materials. Finger holes could be larger, tight fit for my hands, would be much more comfortable to use with larger finger holes.

Sebastián Pagano
Fly Tying Scissors FS10 - Xtra Long Blade

The Renomed FS10 scissors (Fig.1) are incredibly practical scissors, despite its size (15cm in length), it is light and very comfortable (Fig.2). Although it was designed for use on large flies, I can say that it is very practical to be used on small flies, particularly when we need to make very precise and straight cuts, very close to the fly, without affecting another element of the fly. the same, for example when cutting CDC, or hairs inside the thread loop, in the Split dubbing loop or split thread technique. I recommend using this scissors to make feather or hair necklaces on small flies, since as it is a blunt-tipped scissors, we can bring the tip closer to the fly, with complete certainty that we are not going to cut any other element of it (Fig.3).
It is simply an amazing scissors and highly recommended.