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Fly Tying Scissors FS4

Fly Tying Scissors FS4

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Fishing scissors within our Fly Fishing product line. These medium-size scissors with curved blades are an ideal fly tying tool. Perfect for tying medium and large dry flies and flies with reindeer hair. Their proper size and unique blade type, combined with the finest, precise finishing, make them a reliable instrument for fly fishing.

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Scissors length

11 cm

Blade length

2 cm

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Shane Schuster
FS4, sharp tip, curved blade

For the Fly tyer the GS4 curved blade is essential for making precision cuts to thread and other materials without harming to overall look of an already existing material. Thus getting in tight areas of your work like a surgeon to a patient. The curved blade which is surgically razor sharp lets you contour such materials as dubbing, foam, craft fur to really make your work stand out. I highly recommend model FS4 for fly tyers, as this model is of incredible quality and is the perfect equipment to make your fly tying stand out from the crowd.