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Fly Tying Scissors FS8 - SUPERCUT

Fly Tying Scissors FS8 - SUPERCUT

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Fishing scissors with SuperCut blades within our Fly Fishing product line. These 15 cm long, large-size scissors feature rounded tips and the SuperCut solution that incorporates a unique serrated blade combined with razor-type blade. Perfect for easily cutting synthetic fibres, PE foam, threads, fibres and reindeer hairs. Their proper size and unique blade type, combined with the finest, precise finishing, make them a reliable instrument for fishing and fly fishing.

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Scissors length

15 cm

Blade length

4 cm

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Lichtenberger
FS 8 fly tying scissors

I use these primarily to trim CDC while it's in the clip, before I place it in a dubbing loop. The sharpness along with the length ensure a perfect cut every time. I also se the to finish muddler heads after I rough cut with a razor blade.