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Fly Tying Scissors - The FlyTier Curved

Fly Tying Scissors - The FlyTier Curved

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This Flytier Curved is the all-around solution for professional tiers. If you’re tying with nano-silk thread, or need to get into tight spots with a super-sharp scissor, then this medium-sized scissor will give you the edge you need. The FlyTier Curved is, as the name suggests, a 0.79” long curved blade that also combines two more unique features: Our SuperCut blades and Big Loops™. 

  • SuperCut - unique serrated blade combined with razor type blade means extraordinary performance and durability.
  • Big Loops ™ - Enlarged loops for more comfort and precision handling.

At an overall length of 3.94”, the FlyTier Curved is a perfect allround scissor for every kind of fly tying scenario. 

“Just a quick note to let you know it did not take long to fall in love with my new Fly Tier Scissors. A flawlessly designed precision tool that eschews frills for function. They are a joy to use. Thank you!” Todd from California

“I can guarantee you one thing, Tying the flies with your scissors make tying so much easier. Thanks for the scissors.” Michael from Missouri

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jesse C.
Fantastic Scissors

Fortunate to win these in a recent giveaway, but will definitely be purchasing another pair in the future. I have chunkier fingers that always seem to get stuck in the handles, but no issues here. Highly recommend adding these to your tying tools if you haven’t already.

Aaron Juarros
Best scissor I’ve ever used..

What can I say? These are the best! I’ve tied dries and streamers already and I can’t think of any better cut. They are so beautiful too. Thank you

David Crowley
Absolutely the best scissors… EVER.

Best Scissors EVER! Yeah!! I said it!
They are Unbelievably SHARP and soooo comfortable In hand! You will love them, I pinky promise.

Guille López Flies
The best scissors I've tried

Hello, it is a very good scissors, light and comfortable to handle. your grips or finger holes are wide and comfortable. its wonderful sharpness and precision, making it the perfect tool for fly tying